General Information About Folding Bikes

A folding bike is a bicycle that has a unique design to enable the users to fold it into a compact form to facilitate easier transportation and storage. The folding mechanism of such bikes varies as different types offer various combinations of folding speed and ease. Fold bikes also have different weights durability and folding compactness. It all depends on which one you choose. More can be found on Folding Bike Zone. These bicycles have a greater advantage compared to the ordinary traditional bike.

Folding Bikes

Advantages of Folding Bikes,.kfkfkffkfkgklgkl

1. Space saving at home or in any other place
When it comes to storage space, folding bikes are the best as they occupy minimal space. This is because they can be folded into compact small sizes. You can as well, store then in your room to improve on security.

2. Free and unrestricted carriage on public transport
Unlike the ordinary bicycles, folding bikes can be easily folded and transported from one place to another easily. You will not have to incur extra cost on public means of transport as it will not occupy so much space. The better part of it all is that you can fold it and put it in your suitcase.

3. Cheaper urban multi-modal travel
This types of bicycles offer a more reasonable form of multi-modal travel compared to cars. When you leave your house, you can cycle to the bus stop, fold the bike, get on the bus with it and travel to another town. When you get to the town, you can unfold the bike and travel to your desired destination, instead of booking a taxi.

Methods of Folding

,xklxkckckcckkskThe folding bike has different folding methods. The folding mechanisms are vary depending on the design of the bike. Some of the methods of folding are highlighted below.
• Half or mid fold – This method allows the bike to fold into two equal halves, unlike other methods which follow the classic frame pattern which leads to multiple folds.
• Vertical fold – Bikes that fold vertically have hinges along the main tube and seat stays that make it possible to fold vertically. The result is that the wheels will remain side by side.

These are the main type of folding methods that are commonly used. Some other methods include the Triangle hinge, Magnet folding and suspension system and the Breakaway among other styles. The folding bikes create a very interesting and enjoyable cycling experience, if you do not have one then make a point of getting one.