Three Binaural Programs Reviewed

Binaural programs use binaural beats as stimuli to achieve brainwave entertainment. These binaural are developed at different frequencies such that they create monaural or binaural beats or isochronic tones. These programs are intended to assist users to achieve a productive mediation process and allow them to calm their nerves so as to concentrate during the session as well assist in achieving better sleep. There are three different types of binaural programs namely; Holosync, LifeFlow, and OmHarmonics. The Holosync, lifeflow, omharmonics – 3 binaural programs reviewed are meant to inform the interested parties.

Holosync program


Centerpointe developed the Holosync program. It uses sophisticated audio technology that creates synchronous brain wave patterns that assist one to concentrate and achieve a high deep meditation climax. The audio technology uses binaural beats as acoustic stimuli which accelerate mind concentration at the touch of a button. Holosync works by increasing the neuro-electrical activity within the two brain hemispheres. As a result, the holosync programs assist the user to develop high levels of cognitive functioning. Hence, by using this program, it is possible to improve learning ability, increase imagination and creativity, enhance the ability to concentrate and focus as well as increase one’s memory. Additionally, the Holosync program is credited for reducing anxiety, stress, and tension which allows one to be happy, confident and highly motivated.

LifeFlow program

The LifeFlow Program is a product of Project Meditation. The program uses audio tracks that occur in different frequencies depending on the level. The different levels of the LifeFlow meditation program use the beta, alpha, theta, and delta frequencies to achieve the desired mental effect during meditation. There are currently ten levels within the LifeFlow programs from which the user gets to graduate overtime. The program enables one to experience tranquility, peace, and relaxation during a meditation session. The different beneficial brainwave frequencies enhance cognitive development such that the user can concentrate on their daily route work. Moreover, the program enables one to reduce stress, creates the feeling of contentment and enhances creativity by allowing brain synchronization.

OmHarmonics program


OmHarmonics is regarded as the superior most program among the three. This is because it uses acoustic technology that generates binaural and monaural beats as well as isochronic tones. The quality of the OmHarmonics creates a sensual and ambient music that creates beautiful soundscapes that allow the user to meditate by monitoring their breathing pulses. This program is unique since it uses different brainwave patterns that synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. The program allows one to achieve healthy sleep patterns, improves on cognitive abilities and allows one to develop a relaxed and creative mental state.