Top Benefits Of Cordless Drills You Should Know

A drill is a very important tool you need to have for your work in the workshop, around the farm or in various building projects. The drills come in various sizes, different power ratings and other different features that translate to the advantages of each drill. You have an option of either using a corded drill or a cordless drill. Cordless drills have several advantages over the corded ones including employing the best technology as the lithium ion powered drills have done giving them an upper hand. The following are some key benefits of cordless drills.

Benefits of cordless drills you should know


You can agree with me that nothing beats the freedom of working in your workshop or around the farm without having to pull so many meters of cable supplying power to your drilling machine. Your movement is not interfered with by the cord, and you can work so easily and conveniently. Cordless drills also allow you to work in remote places in your farm or building project where there might be no socket or power supply.


Reaching inaccessible areas

Can you imagine drilling under the table, inside cabinets or some other awkward or tricky areas using a corded drill? The whole exercise can be cumbersome and stressful. Furthermore, the places may not be well lit, so you can hardly see what you are working on. A cordless drill affords you the luxury to work on such areas without cords disturbing you and using its inbuilt light; you can do your work with so much ease.

Longer battery life

In the past, cordless drills majorly used nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Nowadays, they are powered by Lithium-ion batteries, the same as those that are used in mobile phones. Lithium-ion batteries have several advantages over the other batteries that include less weight, can operate well in wide range of temperatures, and do not self-discharge hence they can be kept for long without losing their charge.

Also, they can be used for longer while giving more power output and do not suffer ‘memory-effect,’ thus, can be charged without having been fully discharged, unlike the NiCad batteries. All these great features will be reflected in the cordless drill making lithium ion powered drills so advantageous.

Many applications

Cordless drills are very versatile. They can be used to perform several tasks. They can do drilling, which is their primary function. You can use them to drill on several materials such as wood, concrete, and metal because they come with a set of drilling bits. These drills can be used to drive screws in and out of various materials. Cordless drills can also bore holes, which involves making larger holes using paddle bits as opposed to drilling bits. Cordless drills may also be used for stirring things like paint by fitting them with some special stirring tools.

Impressive power ratings

Cordless drills have impressive power ratings as measured in voltage ratings that are in the range of 7.2 volts and 24 volts. The higher the rating, the better the drill can handle tougher work with less strain on the part of the user. The best batteries like the lithium ion ones can give high power for long making a cordless drill perform a lot of work conveniently without disruptions.